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Thread: Indian test no 1

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    I don't pay for Foxtel either Craig, but ABC Grandstand has live radio commentary on the web, and the live blog can be entertaining too if you pop back in occasionally.



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    I have been listening on the 'net because we are fortunate enough to be close to a small AB community but no ABC AM coverage at all on the gme radio on the boat

    Next trip I am bringing my sony reciever and set up a decent longwire antenna

    On another tangent ....Umpires. years ago two Umpires from the home country stood in a Test. Then it was one home Umpy and one neutral

    Now we have two neutrals and rules about match officials not mixing with players. It means that an international Umpire can never stand at home and live out of a suitcase

    So with DRS is it time we had home Umpires again?

    We are well past Javed Miandad not ever being given out leg before in Pakistan

    I will write to the ICC as I think it is a good point
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