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Thread: How tough are Crocodiles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dentuso View Post
    Mate the .45 is a 11.46mm round. Puts big holes in things..piss poor muzzle velocity compared to ( guessing at 223 rifle) a long arm but the pistol is so much better in a small boat at close range.
    Yeah, I know what a .45 is and for working out of a tender, yeah a pistol would be more convenient.

    Not if it take 4 or 5 rounds to stop a croc though.

    One of these firing 5.56x45 does the trick, up close or from a fair distance.

    Cheers, Jack

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    The croc farmers use a .22 LR but the animals are in a crush so it is a kill shot. They harvest them at about 2 years old so they are best for hanbags at around 4

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