Who left the fridge open?

Fjook, it is a bit cool up here. :santa:

10 degrees yesterday morning, 9 degrees today. Brrrrrrrrrrr



Freezing Thursday morning, 3 degrees this morning.

Had to wear a beanie last 2 days to work

Surprisingly mild here tonight. Have only had the gas heater on low.
It has been cool though the last few days. Nowhere near 3 though thank dog

9 to 19 here all week, I love summer!

Mind you when we return to Aus next week we’ll have to pretend we feel cold and miserable in the same temps! :laughing:

Awesome dawn colour this morning, photo on FB.

Been mild here 13.7 overnight to 18.9 max , Have had a lot of rain though and the cloud cover is keeping the heat in, thank dog for green house gasses.

Cool and wet here.

Was going to go to movies, have to rethink that.

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