One for all you guitar experts

Looking to upgrade the young fellas acoustic to something a bit more suited to what he is playing.

Anyone know anything about VOX VT20X amps and an Epiphone SG guitar.

Looks okay to me but I know nothing about them.

Nothing wrong with Epiphone guitars. They’re owned by Gibson. An SG is a Gibson guitar model but one with Gibson on the headstock will cost considerably more than an Epihone.

The only Vox amps I know anything about are the valve models i.e the AC30 or AC15.

Yeah, he wants a Gibson Byrdland, don’t have a lazy 10-15K just sitting around with nothing to do. Impressed by the Epiphone, Angus Young plays a Gibson SG and Tom is playing a bit of ACDC on acoustic guitar. Doesn’t really work that well and he is ready, I think, for this.

The Vox can emulate about 8 different amps, so you can play it like a Marshall, Fender, Roland etc. About $350 and the bloke in the music shop reckons this combo will see him out for about 10 years, by then he is on his own, and the Byrdland can be a reality, as long as he has a good job. :)

The Epi is around $429, they will put a package deal together so for around $800 he gets the guitar, amp, bag, lead, picks and whatever else is needed.

Not a bad investment in his future, and doesn’t break the bank.

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Sounds like a plan. He’s a lucky boy :-)

Yup, sounds like a plan, my latest Git is an Epi 335 Dot Studio.
I swapped the pickups & did a fret level & set up to suit myself.
I have a Fender Mustang III amp the I bought 2nd hand, it emulates several different amps.
That is what I use for Gypsy Swing gigs.

You can’t see much of the rig but this is it in use at the pub yesterday.
alt text

the epi gats are fine for the price, l’d suggest a korg katana 50 combo amp…l’m thinking of selling my valve amps and getting one…a steal at the price too

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