My run is over.

Had 3 recruitment enquiries in the last week, they would need to at least double my salary tp get me out of there

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Funny thing is, now I see jobs advertised and think how nice it would be to go back to work for a while - there are exciting things happening.

Strangely enough I am head hunted from time to time - I guess that’s because I’ve been away from what I did long enough for them to have forgotten! :laughing:

Last year the offer was a big one, and very tempting, and then I thought…


I retired at 55 and lasted 2 weeks so I started an importing business with fly fishing equipment the reasoning being that I could now get more time on trips to fly fish and visit potential buyers.
Well, that blew up in my face and I spent a lot of time travelling around some beautiful trout country visiting customers and never wet a bloody line.
Lasted a few years then got a small contract converting film speed cameras to digital (I’m sure you don’t want to thank me).
8 years ago I was head hunted for a psych position for three months, I’m still here but only work 10-12 hours a week by way of a week on and a week off, suits me just fine and we can live comfortably without hitting my super giving me time to maintain the property, buy new tractor bits, learn how to mig weld and fall over and fuck my back.

Got to say I have been approached to work every year since I Gave the sea away,
Last year was the slowest , only one job offer.

The present job I’m doing a friend suggested I apply for, so not head hunted.
It covers the needs, I get out, mix with a heap of people, is a doddle, gives me satisfaction at the end of the day and is only a few weeks twice a year.

I’m 41 so probably should still be working at least a little.

Wifey has been on half pay for a few years now and I haven’t exactly been raking it in.

We are still doing pretty well financially but this will enable us to do a few more things we want to do and set up some more passive income for the coming years.

This isn’t about the money though, I just need a change for a while.

Perhaps it is a little about the money, I need some new toys ;)

I faq’n hate computers.

Not doing many calls any more, the ones I do, I hate.
Sick of it up to my ears, industry is just full of shit.

If I could just do networking jobs, I’d be happy but I need to be in a City, not woop woop up the bush.

I could get a bit of network stuff up here if I worked sub-contract for a big company but they are a mob of kuntz that want you to respond within 4 hours, work for shit money & then take 100 days to pay.

I’m trying to get part time work in a hardware shop & then I can give the computer stuff away altogether.

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I’m trying to get part time work in a hardware shop & then I can give the computer stuff away altogether.

Met a GP who had a gutfull and started selling doughnuts on the side of the road 5 days a week, he was as happy as a pig in shit.

There was a bloke who trained as a Rad Tech in the RAAF retrained as a Doc once he got out, went working in communities & didn’t like it so dropped it & went back to uni again, I can’t remember what he changed to but the last time I saw him he was care taking a farm.


Enjoy. I’m currently on a 3 year residential contract in Fiji, and its definitely out there. We’ll see at the end of the contract if its been financially worth it, the economy could be doing anything by the time I get back.

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I guess you’ll be driving the new truck to work then.


I bought my little truck, waited a month for the tray to be made and fitted, then flew to Brisbane and drove him home.

When I arrived home I said to wifey that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone called me about a job in the next few days.

Guess bloody what.

Oh well, now I have a truck AND a job :+1:

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