I’m going to start collecting the thoughts of fuckwits

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He would have fitted right in in Nazi Germany!

And now there’s been a towering inferno in London and all the Seppo idiots are back reminding us of the World Trade Centre conspiracy.

They say “thousands of architects and engineers” have said it was not possible to have fallen like that without the help of carefully placed explosives.

Without going into the whole debunk - their own documents suggest it would have only taken 50,000 lbs of carefully placed plastic explosive, and of the thousands of professionals - only one had any high rise experience and that was a mere twenty two stories. In my hay days we’d consider that to be medium rise, used to spit the littlies out the way some offices churned out houses.

Anyway, my own experience only goes to 77 floors so I’m not qualified to comment further, other than to say if you are visiting a high rise apartment or hotel anywhere other than Aus - do check the fire escapes on your floor - seriously, when I was doing that stuff and travelling in exotic climes, I’d actually walk down the fire escape after checking into my room to make sure it wasn’t blocked. Sometimes the results of that little exercise were frightening.

Don’t do that any more - what I don’t know can’t hurt me.



LIke a moth to the flame I get sucked in!


Perhaps it’s time to check the credentials of all those raising “good questions” - http://lies-of-the-truth-movement.blogspot.com.au/…/ric
Richard Gage’s structural engineers
I decided to look over the credentials and statements of the structural engineers (SEs), in AE911T. There are only 30, 19 in the US and 11…

This is very groovy, Peter. The date on the piece is now SEVEN years old. How’s that refutation of Isaac Newton coming along? Has your experience suddenly found a niche in Newton’s Laws that allows you to ignore science? Make your own experiment on the physics in this problem. If you can destroy Newton you’ll be eternally famous.

As far as I know Isaac Newton is also over seven years old too, and I am pretty sure he wasn’t on the list of conspiracy professionals!



Bloody Isaac bloody Newton… before that bugger invented gravity we could all fly.

@Cliff-Rogers said in Fuckwits:

Bloody Isaac bloody Newton… before that bugger invented gravity we could all fly.

what a load of BS, there is no gravity the earth sucks

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