Log Splitters, anyone have one?

Got a cheap 6.5 tonne unit that is good for small timber that we have a lot of.
We find that round logs don’t burn well unless split.
If we get a bigger one it will be a hydraulic splitter that attached to the 3PL and operates off the hydraulics.

I get my 16yr old son to split it. Much cheaper. :construction_worker:
I also try to cut relatively small logs that only need to be split in half. I have plenty to choose from so can be selective in what I cut.

We cut off roughly 200 acres of bush, usually cutting fallen stuff to clean up about the place, if there is a suitable piece of red gum we chase that, there also plenty of ash, messmate (same stuff really) which we often fell standing but dead and then cut up. White timber is easy to split, so it pays to get a mix although this year it is pretty much all red. All Dad’s are dead, SIL’s to far away and grandson not walking yet so it is just me. we often disturb a few termites on the standing dead stuff which we split to expose the pricks to the light.

Bugger me dog, all timber burns best split, wash you mouth out and get out the splitter for dogs sake.

Thanks Silent, probably looking at a few hundred under that $3K price so might be in the right range. The saw is getting long in the tooth so hopefully it doesn’t spit the dummy after the new splitter arrives, it is in chain saw hospital at the moment although just for a new filter and a bit of a clean.

FIL finally bought one last year. Not sure of the brand, has an electric start Honda. About 30 tonne from memory. You wont regret getting it for 1 minute. Two of us can split a good tandem trailer and cruiser tray full in about an hr and stuff that a manual block splitter cant touch.

I have one which goes on 3PL of tractor. 30 tonne ram. The big advantage of this sort of splitter is we can drop the 3PL down to ground level, roll on any size log we are capabale of and raise 3Pl again and split at comfortable height, I should add the ram is always vertical.
I see some of the newer trailed splitters can have the ram tilted up to the vertical to allow as similar thing. I reckon this is important cos you aren’t restricted to smaller logs or balancing big ones or splitting them down a bit before you start.
The downside to ours is you really need two people to get tractor and splitter to wood in paddock, or you walk for ages or thumb a lift from a passing goanna.
Get one. Get a big one. They save blowing an o-ring, they let you get bit ugly fucker wood which is the goodest shit.

If we get one for the tractor I am not sure what is best, operate off the PTO with it's own pump or operate off the hydraulic coupling at the back.

Before we do that I am going to a sawmill tomorrow to see what the hardwood dock ends are like that they sell, may negate the need to cut wood and split.

The other thing we are thinking about is a Stihl 36v chainsaw, I have too many fuel cans laying around with so many mixtures and would like to clean it up a bit.

They tell me the saw is quite a capable beast and is not that expensive and can cut about 150 6" logs on one charge.

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Bunny get a proper fucking saw. Stihl 660 Magnum or 880 Magnum. Fuck this cordless 36V shit. Six inch logs are kindling.


nephew got the Aldi one recently , apparently works well and is foolproof ( as he uses it ok ) , I believe it’s electric though ( still you can take a gen set.) and probably too light 7 tonne

Naah, get a real saw, get yourself a Stihl 090:
alt text
They do still make them, but you can only buy them in 3rd world countries that don’t have emission control and WHS legislation.


I’ve still got an 08S that I was using up until a couple of years ago, when I got a newer Stihl (can’t remember the model). The 08S looks a lot like the 090, but has a chain brake.
I got it in an SES auction for bugger all and I know for a fact that it spent most of it’s life in a truck and was rarely used.
Goes great, but a little heavy, which is why I tend to use the newer saw now. The newer saw is also an ex SES saw with a known history.


Oh ho… I have a splitter. It works off the PTO. Tried to take my hand off a couple of months back. I will never know how I got away with it. But beats chopping wood.

Here, hold my beer & watch this…

@tolovar said in Log Splitters, anyone have one?:

nephew got the Aldi one recently , apparently works well and is foolproof ( as he uses it ok ) , I believe it’s electric though ( still you can take a gen set.) and probably too light 7 tonne

iT IS A REBADGED Scheppach albeit made in China or wherever.

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