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bell mouths for sale…I wish but no the wankers…all talk

OK, so I keep going on the fibreglass versions then!

That workshop is far too neat, have you had MP doing inspections?

@cliff-rogers said in Midges Dust Extraction System - the blog:

That workshop is far too neat, have you had MP doing inspections?

It’s a problem when it’s part of the house… and that’s the untidy bit. I’ve made a hat rack or two, and sorted my “bits” drawers too…

0_1551253543694_2019_01_12 at 09-46-25.jpg

0_1551253587022_2019_01_12 at 09-46-54.jpg /Users/peterhyndman/Desktop/BlokeyShed Temp/2019_01_12 at 09-46-54.jpg


Who is the Midge person?

Just had a look at the earlier photos in this thread, realised that the shed is just a zillionth of the work I’ve done on the house and got so tired I had to have a lie down.

That IS far too clean.

I recently bought a couple of metal folders/benders (a pan brake and a press brake) and had to re-organise and clean up the shed to fit them in. I easily filled a 3m3 skip, but it now looks a lot better.

I really should take a photo before I mess it up again.

(WARNING NSFW:- Contains “Découpage”)

Quite possibly the last bit of progress for the year:

Remember that dust sucker transition I built from MDF (see above…)? Well I couldn’t be bothered bogging and fairing and sanding and painting and making it pretty, so in a nod to the other country I live in, and to all whose limps are as wrist as mine, I found what I think is an altogetherly nicer solution.

Some newspaper, some glue and some gloss poly hides a myriad of sins.0_1554718632759_bs-6.jpg

Somewhat bouyed by the success of this one, I’ve decided to have a crack at making a couple of transitions in Papier Maché.

Watch this space… (coming much later).

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Oh, and I got my meagre collection of turning tools ready for action as well - thanks to the wonder of the mighty IKEA magnetic knife rack, and a bit of leftover floor ply.


OMG he’s turning into a Frog, a bloody “pastiche” air extractor schute, cut back on the snails mate before it’s too late.

Ha, ha, ha … that’s a classic … well done. :D

You should post that on the WWF and start a trend.

@joker said in Midges Dust Extraction System - the blog:

You should post that on the WWF and start a trend.

Just marking my time… I have the mould for a 6" connection to the jointer complete, and the first half of the papier mache dried - second half is about to happen then we’ll see if it assembles OK… if that happens, 6" bellmouth mould is next! You’ll see it here first, but watch out for the rainbow unicorn revolution on the WWF dust collection thread - might make it a Christmas present for them! :D

Well done Midge. I particularly like the interesting contrast between the quotidian mood of the IKEA magnetic rack and the overtly sinister menace of the garrotting wire hanging from it. Should be enough to send the WWF into conniption spasms.

That parting tool (?) is out of alignment and the ends of the rolls of abrasive are not square.
Get a grip man…

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