Shooting Seals

Had a day out yesterday and sailed around the seal colony, apart from the stink it was a good day and gave the 500mm a workout.
Only balls up was I somehow got the camera onto auto ISO which unfortunately is easy to do undetected with the D800.
0_1497493676882__DSC5076 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493703433__DSC5105 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493714129__DSC5120 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493727342__DSC5128 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493736603__DSC5135 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493747447__DSC5136 - Copy.JPG

And more…

0_1497493874675__DSC5173 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493881030__DSC5180 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493892860__DSC5199 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493903178__DSC5205 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493909355__DSC5213 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493915319__DSC5222 - Copy.JPG

0_1497493920830__DSC5244 - Copy.JPG

We got a bit excited later on and saw some activity a bit further out into Bass Strait but it was only a pod of dolphins, whales have been sighted in the area during the past week.

Some good shots there, but many would have benefited from a polarising filter. Sorry to be a Grinch mate.

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I don’t have a CPL for the big bastard, might have to save up as they are not cheap and it is about 82mm.
The lens is bloody heavy too and hard to steady while being pitched around.
Swells were running at over two metres at times with a couple of breakers especially on a turning tide.
No sharks that we saw and this area is known for a healthy population of great whites.

Thought you meant proper shooting, like, with a 300 WM or something

Yeah, he just missed a few.

What’s a 300WM?
And, Mr Termite, the filter is 86mm, looking on ebay shortly.
We found one seal wrapped in fishing line which is pretty much a death sentence for them as the pups grow faster than the line breaks down.
The authorities try to catch and free them but they become quite elusive.

@bunyip said in Shooting Seals:

What’s a 300WM?

300 Winchester Magnum

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