Fifteen minute job...

Had to replace the start cap on the TSC-10HB yesterday. Should be a fifteen minute job.

Sourced a new one from Carbatec last week. Having dealt with them in the past, I tried various other avenues before resorting to them, including Ebay, the local power tool bloke and electronics suppliers. Couldn’t find the right one, so I reluctantly called Carbatec. Yes we have them in stock, I will get one sent out tomorrow. Should’ve gone there first.

Anyway, the starter cap is on the bottom of the motor, so if I wanted to replace it without removing the motor, which I did, it meant sitting on the floor and working in the hunched over, head bent back way you have to when the thing is only a foot or so off the floor. I had already removed the old one, so all I had to do was fit the lugs, tighten the screws, put the cover back in place and job done. However I can’t focus that close up and my glasses were on the bench, so I persisted and finally got one lug on, then in twisting it slightly to get the other one on, the first one snaps off. Great, so now I have to fix that.

So I go off to find a new lug, dick around with it for 10 minutes because the body is to tight to slip over the wire, pull out the soldering iron, wait for it to heat up, then grope about semi-blind for a few minutes before giving up and going off to find a light so that I can see what I’m doing. The only light I have in the shed that works has too short a lead to get near the saw, so I persevere in the dark and finally get some solder onto the lug, put it all back together, fire up the saw, but no, something is wrong. Meanwhile my old man and his BIL have walked in to watch the show.

So I fiddle about again to remove the cover, then try to ease the cap out of the cover, then I stand up showing it to my Dad. He says “what’s wrong with it” I say “well, it’s not supposed to be in my hand, it’s meant to be attached to the motor”. The other lug has snapped off and the one I ‘soldered’ has come loose as well.

So it took a bigger soldering iron, a pair of reading glasses, and a 73 year old to hold a torch before I finally got it back on and closed up.

15 minute job my arse.

This is a worry. As we both bought our saws at the same time it must mean is due to pack it in too.
At least I’ll know what not to do now :D

Of course when it does go I’ll be right in the middle of a job.

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I think when the cap blew either the heat or the shit that came out the end of it weakened the lugs, because the snapped in the middle. So if you find yourself in the situation, make sure you check the lugs, make sure you have a good soldering iron or decent lugs and a crimper, and make sure you know where you put your glasses!

I have a magnetic LED torch so I’ve got that covered :)

They don’t work on foilies…


@Cliff-Rogers said in Fifteen minute job...:

And get a head job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jaycar sells suitable caps. I usually buy caps from an electric motor supply place, but I spotted them at Jaycar recently. Cheaper and they take eftpos, while the motor place is only cash or account.


Yup, I saw motor start caps at Jaycar last week.
You just need to know what the uf value is for your motor.

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