Labor Party: They're guilty until proven innocent!

I’m curious about one of the long standing principals of innocence until proven and why the Labor Party no longer considers that a valid moral position?

Sure the press have been crucifying people for ever, but since when was being accused of something a crime itself?

Perhaps if they’d stop allowing complete dicks to be high profile members they wouldn’t have the dilemma?

I don’t think any party is consistent on this one, must depend on who you have pissed off and who you are politically in bed with in your own organisation. I’d agree with appointing dicks, to many camp followers get the nod and not enough effort in finding and selecting qualified candidates who have actually been through a bit of genuine due diligence. One Nation aside, being a dick there is a pre-requisite.

Innocence until proven guilty only exists in a court of law. Out in the real world, mud sticks.

There is an election i qld soon, nov 4, is current working date but could go to next march.

They definitely going to burn him regardless.

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