Off work for a couple of weeks........

I would give Salamanca markets a miss, but the farmers markets are worth going to for great food and produce. Scallop pies are a Tassie speciality but I found that the scallop taste was overwhelmed by the curry sauce.

Unless you have lots of time don’t bother going out to StrathGordon and the Gordon dam, it’s a long drive/ride which is not particularly interesting although there are some good views once you get there.


The pub in Dover used to put on a decent crayfish meal, cheaper than buying a cray and doing it yourself.
Mures was always good for seafood but expensive (Constitution Dock).
Are you watching the Sydney Hobart come in?

If you make it to Richmond the bakehouse there does a Curried Scallop Pie to die for, far better than the ones at Salamanca.

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If you make it to Richmond the bakehouse there does a Curried Scallop Pie to die for.

Yes apparently it is full of salmonella. :biggrin:

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Are you watching the Sydney Hobart come in?

We did last time we were here at this time of year, don’t think we will this time.


So how’s the hernia op standing up? :smile:

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So how’s the hernia op standing up? :smile:

Thanks for asking Dr Pete! I just got out of the shower and was admiring the six small red scars that the op left. No problems at all and haven’t actually given it any thought for quite some time. Probably not since the arthroscopy to the knee and certainly not since the high speed off on the bike over four weeks ago. It’s all relative really. I’m a simple bloke and can really only concentrate on one thing at a time. My right knee is giving me more grief than any of the other bits so that’s what gets my attention currently.

And then I go out for a ride on the moto and the cold makes me forget everything else! For those of you on Facebook I’ve posted up some pics of my journey.


So I got home yesterday, seven weeks and 12,284 kms after I set off. Besides the high speed off, a faulty main electrical connector and a dead battery it all went pretty smoothly. I ended up changing my route home. Originally it was going to be Melbourne - Parkes - Lightning Ridge - St George - Emerald - Clermont etc.

On Wednesday I got to Temora and it was bloody hot, so hot that you couldn’t touch the fuel tank with bare hands and I had to douse my head under a tap for a while to be able to function. By the time I got to Gilgandra the bike was missing/running poorly. I pushed on to Coonamble where I drenched my clothing and helmet with water in an attempt to cool myself down. I also topped the fuel up with fresh and hopefully cooler fuel from the bowser and dashed buckets of water at the tank to cool it off. After this treatment the bike ran happily until about 15 mins down the road when it started missing again.

I turned back to Coonamble and sat in the aircon of the roadhouse while I worked out what to do. I figured the fuel was vaporising in the carby or the hose leading to it and that this was going to continue for as long as I was riding in hot conditions. I looked at the BOM site and realised I would have to abandon my planned route home as it would mean several days of riding in similar or worse conditions. I headed east via Pilliga and WeeWaa to Narrabri. As I rode towards Pilliga there were two thunderstorms in the distance which I ended up riding between. Even though they were miles away on either side they cooled the air temps right down and after half an hour on the road the bike was running sweetly again.

I stayed the night in Narrabri, followed by Nanango and lastly Mackay. My last two days were the biggest, 850 and 682 kms respectively which are bloody big days on a single cylinder thumper. Glad to be back home, but glad I made the trip too.


A big trip but one you will never forget Mick. Pam and I did the big Perth trip on the bike 27 years ago and can just about remember every detail.

Bit old this thread … but I must say overall I was pretty disappointed with Tassie. Between the 2106 bushfires, the dieback and the absolute wanton destruction of their native forest the place is an eyesore.
I had a couple of chats with National Parks people and no one will address the elephant in the room - Tasmanias addiction to clear felling their forests and replacing them with monoculture plantations.
They try to sell the place as an eco tourism wetdream - yeah right. It could be the roadkill capital of Australia though.
We did 4,000 k’s so we saw a far bit of it. Highlights were MONA - Hobart, Stathgordon, Strahan, Gordon River, Hounville, Bay of Fires and Stanley.
We had a great trip it was just disappointing not to be able to travel more than an hour or so before coming across death and destruction, but as they will tell you …The air is clean!

And what a waste of scallops putting them in a pie with curry…the only other way you can get them down there is deep fried in bread crumbs …bloody savages…

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