Off work for a couple of weeks........

Let’s know the dates, should be OK.

Travelling from Samford to Byron Bay on the 6th, so could be in Brissie then. Probably in Byron/Mullum on the 7th. I don’t get to Devonport until the 15th though.

Possibly a Sydney GTG on the night of the 10th or 11th. But not sure of the logistics. Won’t be anywhere I can camp within hours of the city and would need to find a motel or air BNB that has somewhere secure to park the moto.

There’s a really nice way of getting to Samford from Caloundra over Mt Nebo…


Yeah, I had a look at the map yesterday to see where the school was and recognised a number of the surrounding areas and road names froma motorbike forum I frequent.

Found myself an Air BnB at Hornsby and booked in for the 10th and 11th of December. So either Sunday or Monday night for a BS GTG, preferably somewhere on the North Shore. That should work fine for Wongo and Alex. Is there anyone else in Sydney? I know Bleedin Thimb is in Balmain, but he hasn’t been in the shed for quite some time, not sure that he’s joined up since the move.


11th is good if you want to come around here. Can fire up the barbie if you wish.

Okay, cool, will see you on the 11th.


I’ll try to round up some others - Wongo etc. Haven’t seen him on here for a while.

I’ve emailed Bodgie, Wongo & Horse. If anyone else is interested in coming, please let me know. Location is in NW Sydney, Pennant Hills area.

So far, Wongo’s a starter, Horse is a maybe and Bodgie’s unlikely unless it rains. Any more starters?

Couple of hiccups:
Realised that I needed to replace the front disc pads so went and bought a set. The pair is not identical, one side is symmetrical, the other is assymmetric. So the assymmetric one came from the factory with the friction material bonded to the wrong face, ie I have a mirror image of a brake pad. Grr, will have to take it back.

That’s an easy fix, but the collapsing rear shock isn’t. I noticed while I was working on the bike over the weekend that the top shroud has twisted around about 45 degrees, ripping itself in a bolt, therfe’s oil leaking out and the bottom shroud has gouge marks in it. Of course no one in Australia keeps new shocks in stock and I doubt this one is worth rebuilding. I can buy one from the states but most (all?) are not off the shelf as the damping and spring rates are adjusted for rider weight, riding style, environment etc. Stressing now, trying to get it sorted as I am meant to hit the road on the 25th.


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