Off work for a couple of weeks........

Now for the good news… the further south you go, the wetter it is going to be, for the next couple of days at least.

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Supposed to be very wet, although it hasn’t really started here yet. Flood warnings on all rivers and people asked to stay off the roads and not play in or drive through water. If coming this way I would have a back up plan of places you can stay.

Looked OK an hour ago so I got the tractor out of the shed and was about to go and pick up some dirt to fill a big hole in our nature strip, just backed out and turned around and the skies just let loose, copped a soaking through in the ten seconds it took me to get it back inside.
Also very heavy and the noise is incredible, almost monsoon like.
Mt rain gauge isn’t working so I can’t see how much we are getting and I’m not pulling down the weather station to clean it, last time this happened a bird had crapped in it and on the small solar panel that keeps everything working.

Yep big storm over the hills and coming in fast. I don’t think we’re expecting as much rain as down south but we’ll see. Have visitors coming tonight so that should be fun for them.

Update: cannot see the hills any more…

You want me to take a photo of our hills for you?

Up to 150mm due here tomorrow, though if they are as inaccurate as they were today that will only be about 60.

We are expecting about ten 12-13 yo girls for a pool/birthday party tomorrow afternoon.

Luckily I will be going to the cinema with mr 10 and will miss it.

Cricket washed out tonight and tomorrow😢

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The Sydney BBQ is set for about 5 pm next Sunday 10th. If you’re interested in coming, PM me and I’ll send you you the details.

It’s been more than eleven hours since I last saw @JMick so I reckon he’s made some progress south! :smile:

Made it to my Physio appt in North Lakes on time although i had to pull over and swap GPS apps. Peter, I was right, the GPS told me 14 hrs and 20 mins to my destination! Physio poked and prodded and strapped me up. Got to my cousin’s place and bombed myself out on oxycodone and cider and am currently having a little break from writing school reports. Will be spending most of the next week in one place in Byron bay so hoping most of the bad weather is over by the time I get moving again.


Well Mick is making progress, called in yesterday and stayed the night.
After finally finding his bike key and replacing the breather tube on his fuel tank he set off again this morning heading north then south.
He’s still suffering with his leg but on the mend down to just panadol for the pain.

Did my last school visit today, I’m now officially on holidays! Visited the house I grew up in, or at least, the house that I spent my younger years in, my wife claims I’m yet to grow up. My parents bought it back in '68 for $25K and sold it in '83 for $240k. The current owners bought it a few years ago for $2.3M, although it has had some improvements. Traffic in Sydney is even worse than that in Byron Bay,dunno why people choose to live in big cities, you end up spending a good portion of it commuting. I’ll tell you all about the dodgy BnB I’m staying in later.


Caught up with Mick, Alex and family on Sunday. Thanks Alex it was a very relaxed and pleasant evening.
Mick when I got home I performed a little voodoo ritual to ward off any bad luck that I may have contracted from you… so far so good, I haven’t broken anything…except that bloody mirror…:worried:

Mick headed off an hour and a half ago, travelling via Bombala and Delegate towards Bruthen. Then he’ll decide whether to go up to Omeo and back, or just head to Melbourne. Good to see you Mick!

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Thanks Joker, Tolovar, Shy Ted and SilentC for your hospitality (and Biting Midge too earlier on) and it was good catching up with the Bleeding Thumb again. I spent the night at Bruthen even though I could have traveled a bit further. The 70 odd kms on dirt to cross Mckillops bridge took hours to negotiate but was worth it. Spectacular views but slightly unnerving with some sections having a deep ditch on one side of the narrow track with a deep, sheer drop on the other. Bruthen is worth a visit just for the caravan park, I will post some pics when I get home.


Bruthen or Buchan?
Bruthen has a nice little brewery, Bull Ant, do some nice food.

Bruthen. Saw the brewery but as beer gives me hayfever I didn’t go in. Currently in Strahan. Traveled from Devonport to Marrawah with my Danish mate after meeting up with him on the ferry. Traveled from Marrawah to Strahan through some bleak landscape on a gravel road and crossed the Pieman river on the Fatman ferry. Who thinks of these names?


@jmick said in Off work for a couple of weeks........:Who thinks of these names?


The Pieman family (I used to work with a Prof Pieman).
My query re Bruthen/Buchan was than Buchan has a long meandering caravan park that follows the course of a river and is quite a nice spot, not your urban type park.
Popular in summer but not so pleasant in winter but close to the caves.

Interesting country on the west coast of Tassy. On a course many years ago, we were given real data from various Tasmanian rivers for a stats exercise - one river for each participant. I scored the King River.
When I did the exercise I thought I’d made a mistake, so did it again, same result.
Most rivers in Australia have a positive lag 1 serial correlation, i.e. if there are high flows in one month, there will probably be high flows the next month. The King River is the only one I’ve ever come across that doesn’t. If there are high flows in one month, there’ll probably be low flows in the next one.

Mick let me know of any highlights I shouldn’t miss. I’m looking forward to Tassie. BTW I have secured another major client since we spoke so another door opens etc etc …another year of craziness…or lets hope several years. Have a safe journey.
Ted … if you liked the prawns …you should try the bugs this time of year …especially the green ones… BBQ’ed.
I reckon Bugs are only edible around Christmas …the rest of the year they are too gritty.

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