The ballet...

Royal at that.

Have you been?

Take some albeit rather skinny but otherwise reasonable pretty sheilas, cut their tits off, dress them up in underwear or pajamas or swimming togs & a pair of the oddest looking footy boots you ever saw & wack them up under lights on the stage.
Now get a handful of young blokes that have been dressed by their Mum to look like Peter Pan & The Lost Boys of Neverland, take the amputated tits, (remember them?) stuff them down the front of their long johns, now stick them up on stage with the sheilas.
Turn on some loud boring music & get them to all take turns at doing some Tai Chi, or Yoga or a spacey drugged out version of the Hokey Pokey.

What could be better?

I’ll tell you, put it all on an open air stage in the middle of Winter, stuff 2999 other dills into a park to sit around on a grassy hill to watch & then turn on the rain.

Yup 3000 dopey Kuntz sitting in the rain wearing rain coats & ponchos & waving umbrellas to make it hard to see where yer money is disappearing to.

Top it off by selling fairly ordinary wine for about $60/l in little plastic thimbles & cold Asian food on wonky little paper trays.

Now what could be better?
How about if we pad the show out a bit with some indigenous modern dance? (weirder than ballet)

Lets see, what else can we do to enhance the whole experience?

I know, pepper the shit out of it with speeches from politicians, the mayor, the state premier, & some other boring as spit buggers that are all doing calisthenics trying to pat themselves on the back.

What else?

How about we put it on Sate Of Origin decider night?

Wouldn’t that be a fjook’n hoot? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried it. :unamused:

Went to the ballet when I was in the states, at Death Valley Junction. You think I jest?

If you’re ever there (on a Saturday - that’s the only day it’s on) don’t miss it.


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Call me whatever but I enjoy Ballet, Opera, and Classical Music, amongst other things.

Not keen on ballet but Opera and Operetta I enjoy even though the story line can be quite ridiculous.

I agree. Not keen on Ballet but I do like the opera.

I’m going to see “The Oils” in November


I’m going to see Peter Hook and the Light in October.

I am waiting for Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo to make an appearance here, will be in like a shot as I think it is a great production especially if Simon Keenlyside makes an appearance.

Considering going to see a performance of classics myself

@madbugger said in The ballet...:

I’m going to see “The Oils” in November

Me too, and Elton.

Well not in November but the same Oils tour.

The last concerts I have been to;
The Living End,
Neil Diamond,
Queens Of The Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails,
Roger Waters, The Wall.

A bit of a mix there.

Oh, I forgot a gig my some mob called Django in the Djungle ;)

That would have been memorable.

We have ticket to Elton John in Cairns at the end of September.

@Cliff-Rogers said in The ballet...:

That would have been memorable.

We have ticket to Elton John in Cairns at the end of September.

Same, I think Elton is the last weekend of September and Midnight Oil the first week of October.

I’ve got tickets to see Queen next Feb in Sydney.
Brian May is the the archetypical greying rocker.
I saw them years ago in Sydney with Freddy. Fantastic show. It won’t be the same but still shouldbe good.

This flew off topic rather quickly from talent to a has been labor polly.

ThInking about going to Vincent Furnier when he tours later this year.

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