What's the little switch?

@bitingmidge said in What's the little switch?:

At the top of the menu dropdown (top left of page) when you drop it down, there’s a little switch. When you flick it on it turns blue, I thought it might be to keep the menu visible, but so far it’s purpose has escaped me.

That’s exactly what it does. It doesn’t work for you?

When it is on the menu stays permanently.

No, doesn’t work for me… must be the adblocker I installed because of the last place! I don’t want it anyway! :grin:

Works with AdBlock Plus.


Might be because you use Safari.

That’s my thought! But I still couldn’t be bothered changing!


Go Chrome, is better, faster

Instantly lovin’ The Switch.

@dog said in What's the little switch?:

Go Chrome, is better, faster

I suppose I should…

Switch doesn’t even work on the tablet and I am using chrome, works fine on the other computers.

I’m on Safari on my iMac. The switch works fine. Haven’t tried it on an iPad or iPhone. And I probably won’t because I don’t do much internet stuff on those devices.

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