How do I draw a route on google maps?

So I’ve managed to work out how to take the route that someone has created on google earth, unzip the KML file out of the KMZ folder, convert it into a GPX file, save it into the correct folder in my phone and open it with OSMand (the off-line GPS program I use).

Now I want to be able to plan and mark out a route on google maps and do the same thing. So I found someone’s step by step instructions online: and I made a start, but then when I plotted route that took a “long cut” over a dirt road, once I got somewhere near halfway Google decided it wanted to think for me and plot a shorter route, which had me coming back the other way off the highway. If I backtrack a bit it restores my previous route but as soon as I go a bit further it reinstates the “preferred” route. So if I continue on it will completely remove my “long cut” and have me going via the bitumen. Any ideas brains trust? I’m guessing I might have to add some waypoints somewhere along the way, but I haven’t worked out how to do that yet.


Step1 Print them out
Step 2 Take a highlighter…etc


There are a few options like this one

And a site called bikely which allows you to draw bicycle routes.

Both work over Google maps.

Sorry. The first one doesn’t work so no removed the link.

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I’ve been trying to draw a root for years with no great success!


@dog said in How do I draw a route on google maps?:

This article has some info.

I checked out the article and nothing in there is going to help Alex draw a root.


Will someone please lend Alex $100.00.

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