3D printer cupboard

Currently my 3D printer lives in a box in the kitchen and only gets to come out when there is time for a long print
My plan is to build some kind of cupboard so that it can live in the workshop without getting covered in swarf. Wondering if I can also build an active dehumidifier to keep it safe from the damp.

I had to google “active dehumidifier”. Would you build a compressor/refrigerant type or a use “adsorption”?


I’m looking at using a Peltier device to cool a heat sink and hope to condense some moisture on that.
Crazy busy at work at the moment so not been active on the project

Why not print a cupboard ?

That new entry airlock looks like a good place to store it.

Perhaps I could build a basement into my shed? Shed basement

Why not build the equipment and go for it?

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