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After all this work you probably need one and let us know what it’s like.

OK, I’m swapping over to this site now, farewell old shed. Will post details of tonight’s beer after I’ve had it, and not before.

I started the night with an evolution Amber Ale, from near Salt Lake City. it didn’t have much taste, so I swapped to a Pale Ale, which also didn’t have much taste.
0_1493873827535_Evolution Amber Ale.jpg

I know some people like that…


Go an IPA

Yeah, went back to the Moab IPA, which is still a good brew, tonight with Mexican tucker.

Of the Yank beers I did enjoy the seasonal beer from Samual Adams ‘0ctoberfest’

If your into a wood aged Belgian style try the Adams American Kriek or New World if you can get it

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