Electric - cordless razor

think we had this discussion before but whats a good user friendly cordless razor for my face…not me ass


How can we tell the difference? Between your arse and face that is.

Schick Quattro

Philips 5000 series, pick one up from The Shaver Shop for about $135.00.
I’ve used Philips for the last 50 years and have been using the above one for the last 6 months, gives a good shave dry but is greatly improved if you use King of Shaves Shave Oil ($8.00 at Coles) on your face first.
A good rinse under a running hot water tap after each shave and a strip down clean once a month is enough for the razor.

You can shave under the shower or use shaving cream/gel if you want, I tried them but they are a fucking nuisance compared to using the shaving oil. Don’t be put off by the small bottle of shave oil, 2 squirts is all you need and it lasts for about a month, more than 2 squirts and you’ll have oil everywhere believe me.

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