Broken screen!

Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck! Got home from work and discovered I’ve broken the laptop touch screen. I usually wrap the thing in a small towel before throwinf it in my moto top box but I didn’t bother today. It sat on a bolt head with no weight on top of it for all of the ten minute ride home. It was surrounded by other stuff so couldn’t slide around and I didn’t hit any potholes or ride over kerbs etc. So a bit of vibration and a few minor bumps and its own weigh was enough to flex the case enough to break the screen. Am rather annoyed at both myself and the flimsy construction.

Q for Cliff or anyone else in the area - anywhere in particular I should go to get it fixed? (The screen, not my lack of forethought - I have perfect hindsight)



I usually manage to get the screens from eBay.

First trick is to work out how to get the screen apart, Google & YouTube are good for that, then, on the back of the screen is a little white label with a string of numbers on it, plug that number into an eBay search, sort by cheapest first, then go down the list til you find one in Oz & order that one.

It’s an HP. Yeah, nuh! I’d rather pay someone to do it for me. You want a job when you get back?


I’ll have a chop at it if you aren’t in a hurry.

I’ve asked the bloke who has the contract to do techie stuff for the school if he can do it, waiting on a reply. It still works, but every time I open or close it I worry that bits of glass will fall out. Nothing has so far but you never know.


Don’t open or close it, problem fixed.

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