Uses for Artificial Intelligence

Generating Craft Beer names. Not sure there is anything more important.

Some of the names generated are:

Juicy Dripple IPA
Gate Rooster
Gunder Of Traz

I have a Tooths Old Going at the moment , the next brew however will be a ’ Lucy Session ale’ . This will be my first go at a Fresh Wort Kit

Speaking of brewing , the bloke that recently bought a house across the road from us has set his garage up as a full on brewing shed . He runs a small brew company 'Thick as thieves Brewing ', It’s nice to get good neighbors.

I made a chocolate stout a few weeks ago. The recipe suggested cutting the priming sugar by half and against my better judgement I followed it. Don’t know if I like it, but I’ll let it condition for another week or two before passing judgement.

Drinking a very nice IPA at the moment. Pretty simple recipe:

1.7kg Thomas Coopers IPA
2 x 500g Coopers Light Dry Malt
2 x 25g Bramling Cross hop pellets
11g Nottingham Ale yeast sachet and the 7g Thomas Coopers Yeast (under the lid of TC IPA brew can)

Will make again.

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