Cutting Plywood for Caravan Interior

I’m currently tarting up my caravan to sell it. there are a couple of minor marks on some of the ply, which I’m going to replace. I’ve managed to match the ply, but as it’s as thin as a really thin thing I’m wondering the best way to cut it so I don’t fuck up the finished edge.
I have a thought about a fine blade on the Triton, (Insert howls of derision here). I have one, but it’s blunt and I’m not sure if it’s worth sharpenening as it’s a CMT brand, or get another one the same or better or do something different.

Use a panel saw with a scribing blade :)

Failing that, the good face facing down, and a shallow cut on a high tooth count blade. Test on a scrap piece first.

I made cabinets for the yacht and used the bandsaw with an MDF zero clearance top.
I simply ran a sheet of MDF into the blade and hot glued it to the base, worked well with bugger all tear out.
Easy to pull off when finished as hot glue is not too strong.

All of the above, if you are still having trouble after taking Joker’s advice, cut half a mm or so too big and trim with a really sharp hand plane. There’s another forum where you can get great advice as to what that means, I just assume you know.

If it’s only a few sheets use a fine handsaw. Good face up, conventional handsaw cuts on the push stroke, so no probs with splintering. As you pull back the blade for the return stroke you lift it a bit so it’s not in contact with the edge of the cut to prevent splintering. Cut slightly oversize and plane to the line. Lay the sheet on decking and line the cut up with a groove in the decking, pushing the saw down through the gap. The decking supports the sheet.

Or, you can use a jigsaw from underneath the sheet. Ie sheet is right way up and you hold he jigsaw upside down beneath the sheet and cut, following the line on the top of the sheet. Sounds retarded but I cut literally hundreds of lineal metres of lamipanel this way on site. It’s a 2.7mm thick laminate and splinters like a bastard.


The remains of a caravan are laying on side of road about 2k from where I live. Biggest piece now would be about 2’ square.
Scary I was following it and knew it was going to topple the cross wind last weekend was something else the the ole fart had no idea what to do.
Seeing a 'van flip sideways pull car up on 2 passenger side wheels, snap goes coupling, bangs goes car back on 4 wheels and bye bye must (try) fly said the caravan.

Thanks all. I had thought of the jigsaw with a fine blade, I didn’t think of the downside up with the saw though.
I was pretty much resigned to cutting and planing, but being a lazy Mcfuck was hoping for an alternative. The stuff I’m cutting is very much like lamipanel, 3mm or so thick and just wants to splinter, and fuck the vinyl type finish all in one.
I like the bandsaw and zero clearance insert for the couple of curved cuts if I can fit them through, so I will explore that one.

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