New job

After nearly 7.5 years I have finally resigned from this horrible workplace. New job starts in early September. It will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it. What a $hit family business this is. They treat people here like they own us.

Well done, Scott - for getting out of the place. Hope the new job works out well for you.


Life is too short to work in a shit job. Arsehole bosses are the pits. Move on.

I worked 4 years at the job before last. 3 years with the least honorable man I’ve ever worked with. I vowed, never again.

Good work and good luck.

Thanks everyone.

Dealing with the owner’s son is the worst. The little bastard has no idea how to manage people. I wasn’t happy for a number of years. Sometimes it is so depressed to be in the office. I was close to tears a couple of times. Luckily I never take that home with me. Debt recovery is a $hit business and the bastards are so rich. Anyhow it will be over very soon.

I wanted to be all Easternish and start with something like “may the pathway to happiness…” but heck, I just hope it all works out for you Wongo.

Good luck in the new job - a change is as good as a holiday they say, so happy holiday!

Well done Wongo.
What’s the new job?

I’ve been thinking of making a change lately, but I’m yet to work out what I want to be when I grow up.

Any business that has family members in key positions has a good chance of being like that. It creates little Hitlers. I should know, I worked for my Dad for a few years :)

My first job in Sydney was for a joinery and the boss’s son was one of the carpenters. My first week in the job he spat at me because I told him I’d been putting dynabolts in since he was in nappies (I was probably 4 years older than him :)). Couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

I have been in my current job since October 2000 and no desire to change. Hope your new job is one of those.

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New job is a software developer in a financial company. I am a bit anxious but I am determined to try my very best to make it work.

I worked for two family businesses, the first one was commanded by father, wife, three sons, son in law and daughter, each and every one of them were arseholes and I was glad to get out.
The second one was the complete opposite, husband and wife and two sons, the wife treated everyone like family and had regular dinner parties at their home, the sons were complete fuckwits and they were told to leave the rest of the staff alone.
One of the funnier events was a storeman finding one of the sons in a sex shop, he told everyone except the family which gave us the upper hand for a while.
I worked for myself for a while and the boss was a prick,

I work for the business owner, and his son (aka little Hitler), daughter (she a real piece of work), brother and brother’s son. None of them has any qualifications except a couple of TAFE certificates. I am unlucky enough to have to work for the son all the time. Anything he wants no matter how small becomes my top priority. He is famous for giving jobs verbally and in an unclear manner. It is like working for a child really.

The work condition is at a 3rd word standard. It is just awful.

It was a job when you needed it wongo, but happy for you now you can move on
Not having to work for that arrogant little turd will would make any job better.
Hope it all goes well for you mate.

Sad thing is I remember when you took that job, and now you tell us that was 7.5 years ago, where did that time go.

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Good memory Tolovar. As I told my manager yesterday despite the unhappiness it does not make me any less grateful for getting a job when I needed most.

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Probably be some jobs going at Whichbank soon.:grin:

@tolovar said in New job:

Sad thing is I remember when you took that job, and now you tell us that was 7.5 years ago, where did that time go.

I remember it too, times were a bit tight and Scott took the job reluctantly, within a few weeks he told us he was not happy with the job.
You’re a bloody good man to stick with it as long as you have Scott, hopefully Karma will make the new job a dream.

Hope the new job works out mate, life is too short to be working in a job you don’t like.


You lasted a lot longer than I would have Scot, hope the new job is a beaut

Best wishes for the new job mate. Don’t worry, once the girls are through school and uni, and have found jobs and bought their own homes and moved out, you’ll be able to retire and concentrate on your woodwork.

Good luck with that!:wink:

Alex, that is still a long way to go. My youngest is only 5. :cry:

BTW please tell the wife that the little girl she used to look after wants to study medicine at university. It is a hell of a goal. Realistic or not at least she has a goal to work towards to, and I will do whatever it takes to support her.

Christine says that she should have no trouble, with the excellent educational foundation she had.

All the best, hope she achieves her ambition.

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