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Got the MIG welder and about to make a scoop to clean out drains (painted Kubota orange of course), may do some pics of this if it works but, came with .8mm flux wire and most places sell .9mm which begs the question(s).
What is the difference if any between using .8 and .9?
Some say I should be using a .9 nozzle with .8, is this true as I thought it would reduce contact.
If this works for me I may consider going a bigger welder but still want gasless for the amount of times I will use it, what is the max amps on a 10amp outlet and what is a decent but not too expensive welder.

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“Ideally” you should use the correct tip for the correct size wire, however in a pinch you can get by with using a 0.9 in place of a 0.8. But the contact tips are pretty cheap really.

In regards to the wire size, the bigger it is, the more amps you can run (and the more amps you need to run). You may however be limited by what your machine can produce. On the smaller machines you should be able to get away with running 0.9 instead of 0.8, but I wouldn’t go up to say 1.2.

@bunyip said in Welding question:

What is the difference if any between using .8 and .9?


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Don’t base your choice of gasless on frequency of use.
You can now get gas bottles with a one time deposit and not pay any rent.
Once you pay the deposit it doesn’t matter how long you have the bottle.
Bunnings do it and the usual suspects have matched them.

I hate gasless or Flux Core welding.

If I can’t use my MIG I will stick weld instead.

Depending on the welder a 10A outlet will get you by on thin material, maybe up to 140A or slightly more depending on duty cycle (no calcs here, just a guess)

I am currently using a 0.9 tip for 0.8 wire without issue.

My welder is the Cigweld Transmig 175 and I love it.
There is a slightly smaller 165 but it still requires 15A.

Some electrical advice though, unless you are running something like a 165 at its max capacity you probably won’t have any issues apart from the 15A plug fitting in a 10A socket… If you know what I mean ;)


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