Happy Father's day

The crispy pork belly ended up being smokey bbq pork ribs with slaw and chips.

Magnifique 🐷🐷🐷

Fucked if I know how anyone can be a vegetarian.

Fuck all as usual, but then again I 'm only a step. Good enough step dad to build his house, good enough step dad to pay the grog bill for his wedding, good enough step dad to pull him out of the shit financially when his hair brained idea went belly up, but good enough for even a phone call? Nah, If I sound a bit bitter it’s because I bloody well am.

EDIT. I shouldn’t be, after all I got a bottle of Jack Daniels for building his house.

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I got a buffing wheel set for a bench grinder and a tube/pipe expander set. I’m very happy with that.

The lovely wife cooked some really nice Mexican inspired jalapeno burgers for dinner - they were a hit.

@tolovar said in Happy Father's day:

Fuck the dog, he can now wait until SWMBO gets home to be fed.

Thats great Bunny , finally got rid of the hairless rat and got an actual dog

Don’t forget we have two bloody great German Shepherds too, the big one stands on his hind legs and looks me straight in the eyes.

I got a mug (The greatest dad in the world) and 3 cards. No socks, no undies.

Got some Penrith Panthers beer stuff from I lot a Knights shirt from the others and a great ( I picked them ) set of fiskars Px94 secateurs from them both.
Plus a new wine glass from the misses ( as it was my birthday as well )

I like that wine glass.

Youngest Girlchild came over last night with a bottle of Glenlivet, a huge toblerone, box of fererro rocher choccies and a box of celebrations which SWMBO buggered off with.
Entered a pub raffle and won second prize of garden tools, pots and potting mix, wonderful, the only garden tool I enjoy is the kubota.
SWMBO is taking me out for lunch today as we both worked Sunday.

it was, skin full of porterhouse and red wine, off to bed shortly to sleep it off so i can do it all again next year.

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