Looking for a decent dashcam, I have had a few in the past but they all die during the summer so I would like something that can withstand the heat, rear cam as well would be nice for the tailgaters.
I already have a built in reversing cam so don’t need that.
Any ideas from the brains trust as I am sick of dodging dickheads and one day I know I will get one.

Also looking for the same thing, for the same reason. Don’t have a reversing cam, though.

This was discussed at while back at WWF, in the caravaners or 4WD section I think.

I don’t have any experience other than I know from having a 2way in the car that some of the dash cam owners actually do shit to try to catch people breaking the law on video.

Truckies that don’t pull over into that slow lane are some but mostly they are caravaners out to make proper kuntz of them selves.

I found one on a detour last month, 5Km long dirt detour with a 60KPH limit on it & this prick towing a van was doing 20KPH & over to the right as far as he could get to give the following traffic a good view up his left side just inviting them to overtake on the wrong side, he drove the whole 5Kms that way at the end when he hadn’t caught anybody, he got slower & then stopped in the middle of the road, no indicators, by then there was enough room to sneak past on the right, everybody did. Another caravanner did get on the 2way & suggest that maybe he shouldn’t be traveling that road, he didn’t answer.

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The Garmin 55 and 65 look nice but I would like some reassurance that they will not fry like the rest I have had, I also want it hard wired so will need to find someone to hook it up for me, I think an auto elec would do that.

Finished up getting a Thinkware 750 with rear camera as well, not cheap but guaranteed not to fry and has a heap of lovely little extras like collision recording, ie: if parked and the unit is off if there is an impact with the vehicle it wakes up and starts recording’ the same for an entry into the vehicle.
Will handle up to a 64gb card and has voice command and Bluetooth so if there is an incident you can voice command the camera to download to your phones memory, all date and ti9me stamped.
It is claimed that heat does not affect the unit and can sit outside in 45° heat, two year warranty to back it up too.
Is quite compact with a 130° angle of view (I think, if not it’s close).
Has lane exit alarm and collision avoidance alarm which I probably won’t use as my car has this anyway but the idea of front and rear camera appeals for the dickheads who are not watching what is going on behind you.

Where from & how much, Buny? (And thanks for doing all the work for me.)

Freeway Car Audio in Dandenong but I’m sure you’ll have someone local, $795.00 fully installed with 32gb card.
I have paid and it’s going in next week.
Google Thinkware for specs.

Thanks. plus a few letters to make thepost long enough.

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