Crap Whisky

In a moment of weakness I bought a bottle of Canadian Club Crown Royal, I don’t mind the ordinary bottle but as this was about $20 more I thought it might be a bit better.
What a bloody let down, it’s like a delicate blend of bourbon and boot polish, as I am recovering from a bout of the flu I decided it would benefit from an addition of lemon juice and honey, that worked, eased the throat a bit and put me to sleep.
This bottle, flash as it is, should carry a warning.
Never again, back to the Glenmorangie Nectar.


What were you thinking?

I saw a lady driking that stuff last Sunday, she was drowning it in Dry Ginger, the really sweet stuff from Kirks.

@bunyip said in Crap Whisky:

Canadian Club

My daughter has recently reached drinking age and this is her choice of poison. She drinks it with Coke. I have no idea why.

To make the coke taste better?

Yes I see what you mean, but I don’t know why she has settled on Canadian Club. Is that a young person’s drink?

I don’t mind the ordinary CC with it’s slight aftertaste of vanilla but the purple one in the flash velvet bag is absolute crap.
I don’t touch coke, just doesn’t work for me, bloody awful flavour that you have to be weaned on to like, bit like vaginamite.

Never tried Canadian Club, in fact didn’t even know what it was, but only last night a bloke at a club I was at ordered a CC & dry. I briefly wondered what it was, but didn’t care enough to ask.

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