Worst drinks

After my experience with CC thought I might compile a list of what I don’t like, feel free to join in:

Anything from CUB
West End
Southwark (sp)
Johnny Walker (most)
Vat 69
Black Douglas
Reschs (is that still around?)
Tooheys except the Old
Too many pompous winemakers to mention
Oranjeboom beer
Dos Equis
My mates fruit wines he thinks are great
Guinness (cannot drink it, too heavy and bitter)
Most Aldi beers
Precious Earth wine from Aldi ($2.50 a bottle, no surprises there)
Retsina (tastes like cask moselle with pinoclean)
Any premix tart fuel

I’ll drink pretty much anything if it’s free.

Given the choice I will avoid most spirits and anything with aniseed or licorice flavours. I also don’t typically drink white wine.

I like proper Guinness - which means on tap in an Irish pub (in Ireland). The stuff in the tins with the widget is OK too. The local stuff is rubbish. But I’ll still drink it :)

@silentC said in Worst drinks:

I’ll drink pretty much anything if it’s free.

I’ll drink to that :D

Bundy rum
Any scotch
Bundy rum
Bundy rum
most beer
Bundy rum
Sparkling wine
Bundy rum


Almost agree with your list.

CUB has one good beer and that is Abbotsford Invalid Stout. They’ve been making for more than 100 years. It’s not the best stout in the world but still a fair drop.


Well we know what to get MB for Christmas. A case of Bundy Rum.

When you have been at sea for 3 weeks and then at anchor for another 4 weeks, run out of beer 3 weeks ago you realize there is no bad beer or ugly women.

Canberra Bitter (or was it lager?) no idea, don’t touch it

We use dark rum for cooking, apart from that it is unfit for human consumption.
At our annual yee haa event (rodeo) there are many discarded bottles laying around, generally thrown from the silly utes (that kick on until the ute muster the following weekend much to the delight of the pub and supermarket) with Kenworth exhaust stacks.
I think it was in 1970 the navy stopped the daily grog ration, a tradition that had been around for over 300 years, wonder if it was an OH&S decision.

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@bunyip said in Worst drinks:

I think it was in 1970 the navy stopped the daily grog ration, a tradition that had been around for over 300 years, wonder if it was an OH&S decision.

I think that when the Australian Army is in theatre they still have the tradition of two beers per man, per day, perhaps.

Upon reflection that grog ration could have been RN, I recall two cans per man per day from the RAAF when on exercises.
If you were a non drinker a tidy little profit could be made by selling to the highest bidder.

There are very few really bad drinks, even those that are have additives after all lemon cordial was invented to make metho palatable. Dunno I will drink everything on bunnies list without getting to stressed about it. After a couple of nips of single malt you can knock back lesser brands because you have conditioned the taste buds enough to save the good stuff for another day

@Johnc said in Worst drinks:

There are very few really bad drinks

You wouldn’t say that if you had tried retsina, comes in 1.5L bottles and the ‘good’ one is under $10.
It certainly lasts a long time at any gathering.

Yeah, it all depends on how fussy you are I guess.
I don’t particularly like sweet wine & instant coffee. (not in the same cup)
Don’t like Noble Stickies, but I will drink port, muscat, & liqueurs
There have been a few beers that I wouldn’t order again but nothing other than Fern Beer from NZ comes to mine.
If I had a choice, I wouldn’t pick XXXX Gold unless there was nothing else.
There is now a XXXX Gold Pale Ale that I have tried 'cos somebody left it in my fridge but given a choice I’d buy Coopers Pale Ale first.
I think XXXX use way too much preservative in their beer.
I avoid any red wine from Queensland, there are a few that are drinkable but there are a lot that aren’t so I just avoid them. Bit the same about Western NSW reds.
Not fussed on Coruba Rum, Bundy is way better.

You should try some Coruba Rum MB, you might like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Cliff-Rogers said in Worst drinks:

I avoid any red wine from Queensland,

That reminds me, the only absolutely undrinkable red I’ve ever tasted was from outside Brisbane.

I learned red wine appreciation at the table of my teenage Italian mates, all home made stuff. Now, unless it burns holes in the tablecloth, just about any red over $4.00 a bottle that isn’t home made is quite acceptable.

My now Qld mate makes wine from bananas, passionfruit, pineapple, all guaranteed to cure the staunchest of alcoholics, all sickly sweet whilst ripping out your throat.

@Termite said in Worst drinks:

just about any red over $4.00 a bottle

I found a Cab Merlot for $3 that was fine, it wasn’t even a cleanskin.
I don’t know how given that $0.87 of it would have gone to the ATO.
$2.13 to make it, put it in a glass bottle, pack it & then send it more than 3,000 kms in a truck is not bloody much.

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My GP who loves Sauv Blanc buys cleanskins from Dan Murphy, swears that when he toured the Marlborough region of NZ he was reliably informed by one of the vintners that the excess wine from the region is sold to DM’s as cleanskins

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