St Peters List

Those with Phill or Liz may be in for their first points

OK, I’ve recreated the list below, and even explained how to do it on another thread, just in case anyone gets all excited by this new found technology! :smirk:

Name ShyTed Horse Joker JohnC Tolovar Craig Tqft Madbugger Jack Dentuso Outback Count
Adam West X 1
Abdul Halim Khaddam X 1
Barbara Bush X 1
Bashar al-Assad X 1
Betty White X 1
Billy Graham X 1
Britney Spears X 1
Bill Lawry X 1
Bill Wyman X 1
Bob Dylan X 1
Bob Hawke X X X X 4
Burt Reynolds X 1
Charlie Sheen X 1
Chuck Norris X 1
Cliff Richard X 1
Clint Eastwood X 1
Clive James X 1
Dame Edna X 1
David Attenboruogh X X X 3
Desmond Tutu X X 2
Dicky Bird X 1
Diego Maradonna X 1
Donald Trump X X X X X 5
Doris Day X 1
Duke of Edinburgh X X X X X X 6
Elton John X 1
Ex-Pope Benedict X X 2
Garry Busey X 1
George Bush Snr X X X 3
George Pell X 1
Hugh Hefner X 1
Ian Anderson X 1
Ian McLelland X 1
Iggy Pop X 1
Jerry Lewis X 1
Jerry Stiller X 1
Jimmy Carter X X X X 4
John Daly X 1
John Howard X 1
Judy Dench X 1
Justin Beiber X 1
Kanye West X 1
Keith Richards X 1
Kim Jong-Un X 1
Kirk Douglas X X X X 4
Laurie Oakes X 1
Madonna X 1
Maryanne Faithful X 1
Mel Brooks X 1
Michael Douglas X 1
Michael J Fox X 1
Michael Schumacher X 1
Mick Jagger X 1
Molly Meldrum X 1
Neil Young X 1
Olivia de Haviland X 1
Ozzie Osbourne X X 2
Paul Keating X 1
Prunella Scales X 1
Queen Elizabeth II X X X X 4
Ray Warren X 1
Robert Kardashian X 1
Robert Mugabe X X X X 4
Rod Laver X 1
Rod Stewart X 1
Roger Rogerson X X 2
Rolf Harris X 1
Rupert Murdoch X 1
Sean Connery X 1
Stan Lee X 1
Stephen Hawking X 1
Tod Carney X 1
Tony Abbott X 1
Vera Lynn X 1
Will Hagon X 1
Total 107
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What’s the story with Phil & Liz? haven’t seen a newspaper or watched TV for about 3 weeks.

Phil has announced that he won’t be making new appointments after August - effectively resigning from attending functions unless he feels like it. At 95 who could blame him.

That sent a frenzy of speculation that he was about to cark it - which he says isn’t the case, but at 95 who does he know? :grinning:

OK, so he’s taking early retirement. Good for him, it was the best career move I ever made.

Today’s news quotes Phil
"Prince Philip has offered the clearest explanation yet as to the motives behind his decision to stand down, dryly telling a well-wisher he “can’t stand up much longer”."

I saw that on the TV news. The bloke tells Phil: "I’m sorry to hear that you’re standing down."
Phil replies: “Well, I can’t stand up much these days.”

And no one had Roger Moore. How did he get to be 89 so suddenly?

He was older in his first role of james bond than sean connery was in his last

All together now…

“Oh, Sir Roger, do not touch me”…

@bitingmidge said in St Peters List:

And no one had Roger Moore. How did he get to be 89 so suddenly?

We really are crap at this game aren’t we? :simple_smile:

I thought it was Sir Giles…

@Craig said in St Peters List:

We really are crap at this game aren’t we?

Sitting around waiting for people to die is a bit like watching grass grow or paint dry.
It is a lot like betting on snail races.

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