How to insert tables into posts

No this isn’t about making stuff out of wood.

On the St Peter’s sweepstakes I’ve just had a bit of a “learn how to make tables” kind of learning curve.

Here’s the easiest explanation:

I have a couple of ideas as to how to convert spreadsheets into tables in a few steps, otherwise, I just know everyone is busting to do it manually!

Has anyone EVER posted a table before, EVER? (except me?) :grinning:

Yeah, well it was stupidly easy now that I figured it out, theres another couple of hours of sightseeing gone! :grinning: .

1)Take your spreadsheet,

2)export it to .CSV

  1. find the commas <,> and replace with the vertical line thingy <|>

  2. Under the header row, add a hyphen and a vertical line thingy for every row <-|> this will make the table header.

Paste the result -


,Shy Ted,Horse,Joker,JohnC,Tolovar,Craig,Tqft,Mad bugger,Jack,Dentuso,Outback,Count
Adam West,X,1
Abdul Halim Khaddam,X,1
Barbara Bush,X,1
Bashar al-Assad,X,1
Betty White,X,1
Billy Graham,X,1
Britney Spears,X,1
Bill Lawry,X,1
Bill Wyman,X,1

Turns into this:

Name ShyTed Horse Joker JohnC Tolovar Craig Tqft Madbugger Jack Dentuso Outback Count
Adam West X 1
Abdul Halim Khaddam X 1
Barbara Bush X 1
Bashar al-Assad X 1
Betty White X 1
Billy Graham X 1
Britney Spears X 1
Bill Lawry X 1
Bill Wyman X 1
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Was going to suggest that, CSV files are usually the way to export/import tables. Still, you’ve learned something new. Now get back to your sightseeing.
I’m in Las Vegas - think I might go & stick my head under a pillow.

You are right, but there’s no way to “import” as such, without the “find and replace”, AND don’t forget to add the extra line under the header.

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