20 years ago

There are 3 rings in marriage:

  1. The engagement ring.
  2. The wedding ring.
  3. The suffering.


Should be a good show, Elton John can still belt out a good song, have a good night.


It was our 20th this year too. We got married on the Ides of March. I never read Julius Caesar…

Fantastic. Have a great celebration.

20 years ago I was 20 years younger.

Now you are 20 years crankier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks blokes, we are checked in, not as hot down here as I thought it might be.

Next lot of scans are happening while we are in Cairns, CT today, MRI tomorrow, results next few days.

Well done Cliff
Elton John and 4 nights in Palm Cove, you got off easy,
it’s our 45th next year in Feb so a cruise then and shmbo says we are going to paris mid year

Shit, we will be in UK and Europe mid next year, will try to avoid you.
Want to see where I used to live in Switzerland, Wallisellen near Zurich, Rosemary wants to see Paris, I am not as interested.
They tell me that the beer in Slovakia is very good and ridiculously cheap.

Might see you at the gig.

It’s Milly’s birthday on Sunday, so we are all staying in Cairns, luckily we have a house while some friends are away.

20 years ago I was probably drunk and shagging random chicks.

Congratulations Cliff & Gina, hope all goes well with the scans.

48 years of wedded bliss this year, it only seems like 60.

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