Timing, What A Bitch.

As they say, timing is the key word to a lot of things, and when the timing is not right it can be a bitch.
We’ve just had to knock back a free 3 night cruise!

A Sis Inlaw rang yesterday to say that they were shouting his and her kids from the first marriages, a 3 day cruise. She booked and paid for all the cabins, got a good deal because of the number, and then found out several days later that it clashed with one pair who had an unavoidable previous engagement on the relevant dates. We were offered their tickets free because a cancellation would cost more in lost discount that the 2 fares were worth.

The 3 night cruise is on the same ship as our next cruise, but it is the 3 nights before our departure. They will be getting off just before we are getting on. Due to circumstances we can’t do back to back cruises, What A Bitch.

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Enjoy the paid for cruise.

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