Another beer (Birra)

I had seen this before when eating out but never tried it until last week, Moretti from Italy.
Always went for Peroni which I don’t mind but I find the Moretti is more full bodied with a pleasant lingering aftertaste, strangely enough it goes well with Italian food, especially the spicy variety.
The downside (unless you live in NSW) is that it is about $60 a carton which is $15 more than Peroni and $20 more than my regular Becks.
Fully imported unlike Peroni and described as the working mans beer.

Yup, I had a bit of it while I while we were there back in '04, I didn’t mind it.

It’s my beer of choice in Italy.

Is it imported or made locally?

My guess is imported which is why it’s more expensive than the locally made Peroni which is much better imported.

Edit: Disregard, I missed the last part of your post saying it is imported.

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I don’t understand why it is so expensive when my Becks Imported is about $45, I am not complaining as most CUB swill is more.

Peroni, Becks, Grolsch… all brewed in NZ under license. Kronenburg is imported. All typically priced $NZ25.00 per 12 x 330ml on supermarkets. $19.99 often if special. Why is beer so expensive in Oz?

You can buy all of those as imported if you can find them, Peroni is made by CUB, not sure about the others,I get Becks Imported from Woolworths or Dan Murphy.
As for price, we are being taxed out of existence in an effort to save us, political logic.


I think all of the beers mentioned at worth the money. The beers I buy cost twice as much but are with it. Admittedly, I’m a beer wanker.

chimay at eight bucks a stubbie?


@bunyip don’t v like Chimay. I usually spend $5 ish on a stubbie or $95 a case.

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