So while they are perfectly legal in Canada and Mexico, Kindersurprise eggs are strictly illegal in the USA due to “safety concerns” around choking on small parts of toys.

Military assault rifles? No problems. Small plastic toys encased in a chocolate egg? Too dangerous!

Retarded, just retarded.


So a bloke blows up a bus or runs over a crowd, and because he’s of a particular religious persuasion everyone of that religious persuasion is tarred with the same brush, banned from visiting certain countries… blah blah blah.

Why aren’t white American males banned from travelling to other countries?

#senddoghome :smiley:

Don’t you know? He didn’t do it. It was carried out by liberals who wanted to force their gun restriction agenda through. You really should keep up to date man, get vvoke!

Yeah ya gotta love some the conspiracy shit they come up with. F’ing unbelievable.

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