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An Australian male person who brews beer in Vietnam if that is more PC.

Also what does a Personal Computer have to do with it? :)

If it was brewed by a Mac user it would be an iPA…

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If it was brewed by a Mac user it would be VB…

Fixed it for you.

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The are some good dark ales out there. There is a Kooinda Dark IPA, quite malty and nutty, and not so bitter.

I find it very difficult to get dark beers in most bottle shops. Our local will usually have White Rabbit (at $80 a case) and sometimes one of the JS porters. But that’s about it. Even when I go to Sydney, the local bottlos simply do not stock it. If you are lucky they will have Tooheys Old.

This is one of the reasons I keep up with the home brewing, because it’s the only way I can get anything nice to drink on a continuous basis. My staple is a very simple brew that consists of a dark roasted tin + lager malt tin, water and some hop pellets. I just use an English ale yeast and always get good results. It costs about $30 for 30 long necks.

I like to throw in something different every now and then, like these last two, or a double chocolate stout that goes very well. I occasionally make an IPA or I recently made a cerveza. But that’s mainly for the missus and my neighbour, who aren’t fond of the dark side.

Silent I hate to disappoint you but cerveza just means beer in Spanish. You would really enjoy a San Miguel Cerveza Negra.

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Yeah I know that, I’ve even consumed it by the litre in Madrid.

The home brew was a tin from Coopers called ‘Mexican Cerveza’. I just called it a cerveza, suggestive of a version of a popular Mexican lager, because that is what Coopers called it on the tin. I forgot I need to be specific when posting here :)

I’ll keep an eye out for the dark one. Always willing to try new things. I’ve tried Asahi black, which I didn’t mind. Very hard to find though, I haven’t seen it anywhere since.

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… I forgot I need to be specific when posting here :)

I seem to remember that it was you who first introduced the term ‘pedant’ to the shed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think you’ll find that was well and truly established on the WWF before this place even existed!

Yup, looks like it was bitingmidge 26th May 2005 after journeyman Mick called himself Mick the pedantic in a thread about ‘Opening window’ above internal doors (Edwardian house)


There are a few bottle shop around in Melbourne that have a good selection but with all the craft beers you have pay an arm and a leg for.

Life is too short for crap beer.

Yeah Melbourne has to make for being, well, Melbourne, by having a better selection of ways to get pissed. I always enjoy my time there…

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