Inane radio

Jumped in the car yesterday and found daughter had changed the station, don’t know what to but a radio interview with DJ and ‘star’ went thus:

DJ. What like yeah inspired your new track yeah
Star. Well, I, Yeah
DJ. Yeah Yeah
Star. Yeah
DJ Yeah

At this point I hit button number 1 and returned to ABC FM where the hosts are able to communicate in English.
Is this typical of a teenage in depth conversation?
Any bastard answers Yeah, I know where you live.


Yeah? What station was it like on?

Try this one.

link text

Bloody hell Cliff, it’s hard work just listening to that.

Beat me I couldn’t finish it

Highbrow, man.

Five paragraphs and no-one said “like” yeah?

That, plus the need to stay away from news and “talkback” appallingness is why I have bitten the bullet and paid for Apple Music

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