Clearing sales

SWMBO and daughter have just gone to a clearing sale, they tell me there is a horse float and three brand new stock saddles and the only buyers are cow cockies, I am afraid of bargains as they generally cost me dearly.
We already have a double horse float I bought new in 2005.
The next three hours should tell the story.

Restraint, one smudger (read steel bar, load of chain and old tyres) $10.00, one stock saddle with broken girth strap, $350.00.
I got out of that one fairly lightly, went for a look and there was a lot of busted old crap, a John Deere tractor that verged on antique went for $3k, I wouldn’t pay $300 for it, second hand 6" fence post, pack of 20 $150.00, new ones cost $8.00 and I know which I would prefer.
Auctioneer was looking after someone as when bids reached a certain price he declared it sold even though hand were up to raise the bid.
The local mens shed were selling hamburgers and bullshit stories, better value there and the burgers weren’t bad, the bullshit was pretty good too.

Horse float: blend one horse, add ice-cream

I recently went to an engineering business closing down “clearing sale”. A lot of overpriced (and overpriced reserve) and mostly worn out gear there.
Lots of heavy machinery that didn’t even sell.
Lots of older 3 phase MIG welders went for nearly nothing.
Did pick up a few bargains though, so was a good way to spend a few hours.

That sort of sale isn’t getting the bargains , but getting them home

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