New Ute

Never hit a roo but managed to get a rather large wombat in a landcruiser which tipped it on its side and fold the front wheel underneath the body, bloody wombat walked away.
Got a large stag in a work landcruiser in the high country, got him on the tray and had it butchered, most of the meat was good and the buggered bits the dogs got.

Donged a couple of roos gently in the side of the car, was passenger in a Morris 1100 when a horse did the same, worst ever was a pig full on (near Yalleroi) in the 80’s. Took out the radiator in the brand new Kingswood I was delivering to Avis in Longreach. It was that incident and having lots of mates with bent roo bars that convinced me that they were a waste of time - often the cost of straightening them and repairing the panel they’d leaned back on, and the subframe too was more than if there’d been no bar.

So Zillions of miles between T’ville and Longreach and in the Downs country later, I just take it stupidly easy at dusk and dawn, preferably in a cafe somewhere. Nearly hit an emu once - that was a challenge 'cause the rotten thing just charged at the space between the lights.

Never had a roo bar on any of my cars. I don’t like them as they obstruct view and are dangerous to pedestrians. I’ve only hit 1 roo that it would have made any difference and that was not a big ding. We have about 100 roos living on my property so are exposed to plenty of them. I’ve been hit on the bonnet and the side of the car when my car was essentially stationary and the roos had slammed into the car. Very frustrating and expensive to fix the little dings that result.

Gina wanted a bar to go scrub bashing on rural properties for sale, the genuine one was about $3.5K & didn’t have any side protection so if you pushed your way into scrub, you get scratches down the side.
The ARB one does have it but the Toyota sales people made enough noise about using non-genuine stuff & voiding warranty & voiding Australian Standards that we just didn’t bother.
Fuck it, if somebody wants to sell their property, they should make it accessible & somebody who wants to buy it & look at the inaccessible parts, let them bring the scrub basher or the drone.

Emus are stupid great chooks, they’ll run alongside you and then change direction so that you hit them. Had one take out the mudguard & headlight of an Inter ute. Had to despatch the chook with an axe.

@cliff-rogers said in New Ute:

Gina wanted a bar to go scrub bashing on rural properties for sale, the genuine one was about $3.5K & didn’t have any side protection

'Cause they have to be air bag friendly - read “trigger the airbag” if they get nudged…

Yup, I understand that, that is one of the reasons why we don’t have one, that & the extra $3.5K & the insurance premium, goes up, not down if you have it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Isn’t Toyota currently running an ad for the Hilux which is all about fitting after market accessories pre purchase?

I had most of the accessories I wanted fitted to my Amarok before I bought it.
That way they are covered by VW warranty.

Only some things are covered.
There are dealers making offers with ARB stuff but the dealers we spoke to were pushing the genuine bull bar.

Which are most probably rebadged ARB anyway and twice the price.
We got a ‘genuine’ Nissan towhitch until a bimbo decided to take off at a roundabout before we did and bent the bloody thing, the panelbeater showed me the Hayman Reece genuine Nissan hitch that she bent

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