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I probably don’t need one but I wanted a decent drone so I went out to JB HiFi and haggled them down to $1940 for a DJI Mavic Pro fly more.
7km range, 4K resolution, auto return, auto hover and various following modes.
Came with three batteries, 3 sets spare blades, car charger, mains charger, carry bag etc etc.
Very compact as the arms fold in when travelling and the whole lot fits in a small leather shoulder bag.
First recording could well be an aerial shot of a castration when she finds out how much it cost.
Could go viral.

Keen to know how this goes, Gina would really like one for Real Estate.

What’s the regulations about flying them?

I am watching youtube instructional videos on flying this as I don’t want to prang it first trip, seems to have some amazing capabilities and gets good reviews especially for it’s size which is considerably less than the Phantoms, mainly because it folds up.
I am amazed at how it can fly with those small props holding up almost 1kg, I may give it a shot tomorrow when SWMBO is not home then tell her it is the cheapy I bought at Aldi.
It is fully programmable through an iPhone or Android version 4.4 or higher, mine is 6.0.10_1508200387743_DJI-MAVIC.jpg 0_1508200392445_DJI-Mavic-Pro-Gimbal-Cover-Rubber-On_thumb.jpg

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What’s the regulations about flying them?

None … as long as you don’t get caught. :)

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I am watching youtube instructional videos on flying this…

Isn’t that against some rule?

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tell her it is the cheapy I bought at Aldi.

OK, you’ve redeemed yourself.

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What’s the regulations about flying them?

not sure apart from the obvious like controlled airspace, built up areas etc, this model has been up to 5000’, you wouldn’t see it but the return home feature ‘should’ get it back.
it records your location with the built in gps and will return when the battery level gets to about 10% and land itself.

Well there goes the sneaky root behind the hay shed.

it wouldn’t make it as far as your place but i have access to your local security cameras, and for a small fee i won’t tell Pam:zap:

A quick summary of the rules for small drones…

Don’t fly a drone within 30m of people, places or property.
Don’t fly above 400ft (120m)
Don’t fly over crowds or near emergency situations.
Drones must remain in the clear sight of the operator.
Flights must be within daylight hours. (more details in CASA AC101-10)
You must not fly within 5.5 kilometres (3 nautical miles) of a controlled aerodrome-one with an operating control tower.
You must not fly in the area of a public safety operation without the approval of a person in charge of the emergency response. This includes situations such as a car crash or any police, firefighting or search and rescue operations.
You must only fly one RPA at a time.


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Well there goes the sneaky root behind the hay shed.

It’ll just be a public (viral) root behind the shed.

Different rules again if you want to use one commercially & even then, they have just changed.
Jack looked into, you around Jack?

Don’t rely on what others say, here’s what the law says!

(Nice one BTW Bunny, I want one too - just need to work out why.)

And there are numbers of prosecutions for illegal use - here’s just one obvious one, but there was one recently over a surfing event too I seem to recall. The licence when I looked into it a few years ago was almost the same as a pilot’s licence except for the flying part, and therefore quite costly to do any commercial flying - that’s changed a little recently see link above.

And the cool kids at CASA, when they have nothing better to do(?) also monitor youtube!

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In the past 12 months one got prosecuted for flying one to a local Bunnings where it picked up a sausage from the outdoor tent, I would assume the drone had a bag suspended with an order and the correct amount of cash.
It was Sydney or Melbourne and hit the headlines for a few days.
Back to this one, has auto take off which takes it to 1.2m then hovers, landing is a breeze which is where I come unstuck on the others as I am a bit heavy handed on the descent.

I know a guy who breaks those rules regularly. I suppose they’ll catch him one day.

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Different rules again if you want to use one commercially & even then, they have just changed.
Jack looked into, you around Jack?

Midge’s link has it covered.

Sub 2kg for commercial use is the go.

If you do want the full license the price has come down considerably since the sub 2kg rules were introduced.

Cliff, if Gina wants some real estate work done I’m sure we could come to some arrangement 🤔

Did the maiden flight a couple oif days ago, set to beginner mode as I really don’t want to prang this.
I shot in 4k and the resolution is brilliant but it takes up a lot of space, 5 minutes is 2.16gb, I used another programme to shrink it but it’s still 63mb and a loss of quality so I can’t upload unless the brains trust can tell me how.
Almost every function is adjustable to suit yourself and I want to slow down the rotate and gimble rate as they are just to quick and makes your head spin on playback.
Taking off is a breeze, just start the props and left stick forward and up it goes, let go and it hovers.
It is just so stable and an absolute breeze to fly, no drifting or wandering, land is just stick back and it comes down gently to about 2’ then hovers for a few seconds and lands itself.
The camera is on stabilisers and the image is absolutely rock steady, almost like it is on a tripod, no shake or movement of any kind.
I am using a smartphone but may switch to a tablet to make it easier to see, it is live view but doesn’t record until you activate record (1st flight I thought it was recording, it wasn’t).
Cliff, Gina would love it, 30 minutes to learn to operate it, almost prang proof and programmable to what you want it to do, can record from MP4 to 4K, come with a 16gb card and can take up to 64gb.
Collision avoidance and auto land make it a breeze to use, also a sport mode which increases the forward speed but you lose the collision avoidance (which is only forward of the craft, not sideways or reverse).
Overall I am a happy camper and just need to go out and get some nice footage and learn how to drive this movie editing suite.
If anyone can tell me how to upload 64mb I will post something or just go and shoot in MP4.

Edit> It does 12mp stills but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Interested in the stills.


I’m sure we’re all jealous of your new toy :)

Btw, WTF is your avatar? I can’t make it out

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