Another new toy

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Cecils’ arse and balls.

Strange man.

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but it’s still 63mb and a loss of quality so I can’t upload unless the brains trust can tell me how.

Upoad to youtube - it does all that for you - then post a link (the clip will be magically embedded in the post.) -

Couple of shots from today, got to set up the camera to what I want when I get used to all the programming features.
0_1509171703206_DJI_0004 - Copy.JPG 0_1509171706810_DJI_0006 - Copy.JPG

This was not anywhere near maximum height but I was getting low battery alerts so kept it low.
SWMBO on the roof, gets a wine cask and off she goes…

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First video before the stills, was 4K but dropped to 64mb and the resolution suffered badly


That’s cool.

Can’t believe how steady it is… I really do want one!

Nice toy.

bear in mind this was just playing around, the rotate and gimbal were way too fast so I have slowed them down, there is a digital zoom which I won’t use.
There are so many programmable features that I need to get used to and utilise effectively.
Flying this thing is such a breeze, if you stuff it up you have done something seriously wrong, I have set it up to return home if the controller fails or drops out.
Not quite game to fly over water yet.

0_1509517273188_Dog Drone.jpg

For high res photos and 1080 video you can get the DJI Spark for about half the price, of course you could go the other way and get the DJI Inspire for $10k.

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