Right, now I understand.

Beware of anything from Softronic, it is usually full of spyware &/or extra shit you didn’t ask for that is full of spyware.

I use the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader addon for Firefox.

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Cliff that does look clean, fantastic, thanks.
Once Ive registered I dont need it as a browser, just to upload music from youtube…ummm where do I go from here,
I am on the page Add ons collection page

Do you have FireFox?

You need it, click the ‘Add to Firefox’ button on the link above.

Once it installs, it is a small Youtube icon up in the top right of the screen.

When you click the icon, it gives you a menu. Play with it.

I go to the Youtube I want, start it, then click the download link & then stop the Youtube & go to a different page. If you don’t it downloads twice, once to save, (very fast) & once to play it in the browser.
You can fiddle with the options mine is currently putting the video (with sound) & the mp3 file on my desktop.

Bloody fantastic…shoit its even better than the previous Ive just downloaded 1.5 hours of Osibisa (70’s African folk/rock) and 1.3 hours Ladysmith Black Mombasa

Yup, I’m happy with it, shame I can only download 28Gb a month.

@Cliff-Rogers said in

Yup, I’m happy with it, shame I can only download 28Gb a month.

Cliff, I can do 25 with my French mobile while roaming in Aus! (Well it does cost almost $30AUD per month…) over here I get 100gb per month, but they drop it down for roaming. It’s astonishing really.

Note - Roaming in Aus is only for 35 consecutive days per year, but it’s 35 days in a whole bunch of other countries too (and unlimited in the EU). Just dreaming about what might be in Aus one day…



Just went firefox and got the downloads from Youtube, next question, is there anyway I can get just the audio content so I can play it in the car?

When mine downloads it puts a copy of the MP4 & one of the MP3 on my desk top.
I use the MP4 in my iPad & the MP3 can go on a USB stick or a CD in the car.

Try this.
Click the YouTube icon in the top right corner to get the menu.
Click the Cog in the bottom left to get to settings.
Go to the General Settings Tab.
Click the Spanner at the top of that menu to get deeper into settings.
Now tick the top box that say Extract audio file after blah blah blah.

Dick with all the knobs, you’ll work it out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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While you are there, that is where you change the folder for saving your downloads so if you don’t want them landing on your desktop.

or install ffmpeg and google "ffmpeg mp4 to mp3"
ffmpeg -i filename.mp4 filename.mp3

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