Wild thing.

We had 2 storms merge into one big one about 5 Kms away from our place.
Wild thing, wind, hail, lightning, power going off & on, 20mil in 20minutes, leaves everywhere, pots blown over, gutters overflowing, branches down, a whole tree leapt out of the rain forest & fell flat on the last patch that I have not long finished replanting.
I had to use the leaf blower & the hose to clean the verandas.
I’ve been for a walk around picking up branches & fronds & tomorrow I’ll take to that stray tree with a chainsaw & then I’ll mow the lawn to get rid of all the leaves & twigs.

Just a decent shower here.


Pick up sticks… 1 & a half tanks of fuel through the chainsaw, a bit tropical but not too bad.

All cleaned up, lawns all mowed & neat again, now we’ll get another storm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our last storm was more noise and light than anything else

Glad you got off relatively lightly too

Had our first heavy rain for 2 months and first hail for 12 months last thursday. Filled the tanks and the solar system output increased big time.
Good heavy soaking rain again today, which is good cause the ground needs it badly.
I will be able to transplant some chillies next week got a good lot of seedlings this year, from seeds I kept, looking forward to the scorpions and the chocolate habanero’s and some rathe nice thai ones

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