Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale

Not a bad drop. It’s 37 degrees outside today in beautiful coastal metropolitan Perth. Summer’s here slightly early. So I bought a summer ale. It’s a little sweeter than a pale ale and quite fruity with a long finish. Perfect on a warm dry day.


Coolish Melbourne Cup day. 16 degrees with a bit of a southerly.

Need a beer with backbone to cope, so I’ve had to have down a couple of Ballast Point Sculpin IPAs.

Bit of a southerly with a wind chill factor of about 9°
We might resort to some mulled wine.

Hot, cold, wet, or dry, a bottle of Johnnie Black and I don’t give a shit about the weather.

The suns up …or it was earlier. I’m still alive …I suspect. Time for a Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer .
…the best beer (to date) ever brewed.
I love my crafts but this one is special. At 6 % its not to be trifled with but you can’t taste the alcohol so it is easy to get fooled by. One very drinkable IPA. I don’t know how easy it is to get in your neck of the woods as they are very much “keep it local” type lads

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