TV gambling

See the powers that be are going to ban gambling advertising on live free to air TV. As much as I applaude the idea its going to be messy, what about the boards around the grounds…

Just ban sports on TV then I won’t have to suffer AFL on TV and all the inane post mortems for the following week at work.

What really annoys me when they say please gamble responsibly. Bet as often as you can but please gamble responsibly.

I’m in Las Vegas at present. All those people playing the slots & blackjack subsidised my meals.
Gambling is a tax on people who can’t do maths.

It always makes me chuckle when they replay great sporting matches on TV i.e. the Benson and Hedges Cup, Winfield Cup.

don’t overlook the tv network giveaway on licensing fees.

Also I haven’t looked at the changes to the anti-siphoning rules yet

Here is a more thorough analysis of the changes.

Lots of anti siphoning changes, media ownership rules which I missed on first pass.

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