OK MB 'Fess up.

Are you a slack bastard or are you unable to turn yourself uglier (some would declare this impossible) this November.
It’s the bloody 7th of the month FFS and you haven’t made an appearance re the Mo.

I’ve contacted MB and he’s giving Movember a miss this year due to the pressure of activities at the moment, there’s only so many hours in a day as those with kids know.

So, do we have any other contenders here that I can throw a few bucks at, rather than just send it to the main body which I will do as a last resort.

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While I was at home recovering from my last Op I stopped shaving. I contemplated growing a mo for Movember but my hair makes a hedgehog look positively smooth and silky. I had the equivalent of a small wire brush embedded in my face and it was giving me the shits so I shaved it off. Maybe we can convince Cliff to shave his off for Movember.


Just send me the money & then if I don’t shave, I promise I won’t forward the money. 🤓

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