Is this bad

Mine seems OK . This is from work with everyone on line including our phones. I pay for 25/5 and it fibre to the building.
0_1510531805300_speed test.PNG

25/5 comes out pretty close for fibre to the node But then again it is newcastle where life is always just that bit better :) ![alt text](0_1510534896118_Speed test 2017-11-13_19-31-44.jpg image url)

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Just had techies out again the other day to repair our line, every time we get rain after a dry spell we either lose our phone and internet ir it gets really noisy (phone) and extremely slow (internet). There’s 5 pits and about 300m of copper between us and the closest node. That’s still at least five failure points (not counting the connections on and in the house) as well as the actual copper itself which tends to corrode big time around here.



at 7:15pm I’m getting somewhere between 2-6Mbps upload and 3-5mps download.

I’m on Telstra 4GX which is pretty good but during peak times speeds can be variable. I sometimes get 30Mbps down but I have to share the bandwidth with my neighbours, the cunts.

It’s expensive tho and I don’t have any real alternatives.

Same for us Dog.

Had a wifi problem on the desk top, now fixed.



Plus a bunch of other characters.


Here is mine from just now.


Pity it costs me so much. :crying_cat_face:

Current speed netflix not running

alt text

At work … fiber to the premises.

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