I'm back,

@old-tar said in I’m back,:

Ahoy there, I found the new berth, and I fine mooring it be.

Welcome aboard Skipper.

Time for a dose of Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure?.

Not sure what a creeping crack is, must be something sailors get, but it’ll cure it.

yeah well it sounds like dont let it leak on yer jocks or you’ll get constipated

'lo… everyone still here? Y’all well?

Where da ferk ya bin, Muz?


Well look who the sheep dragged in.

Muzz… mate… welcome back.

@Col said in I'm back,:

Where da ferk ya bin, Muz?

G’day Col. Working. Pretty much full time. Started doing a few days now and then and it growed. “Joinery but not as we know it…” Lost weight; fitter, thirstier.

@Cliff-Rogers G’day Cliff. Still roving the Outback?

@MurrayD99 said in I'm back,:

@Cliff-Rogers G’day Cliff. Still roving the Outback?

Sometimes, old man shuffled off & the drought fjooked all the stock so there isn’t much work out there any more.

I’m going back next month to help get one of the vacant titles tidied up to sell.

Been traveling a few other places, got to NZ Nov 2015 for 12 days.

In the last 5 years we have been to Canada twice, Hon Kong, France, UK, mostly England, Singapore, Thailand, Sydney 3 timeas, Adelaide twice, Perth, & Brisbane several times a year.

Spent 6 months in Brissy in 2013, other half had the big C, got 2 grandkids there now so we visit often.

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