Old Farts in Caravan Parks by John Williamson

Bloody amazing how he continually still puts out songs where the tune is basiclly the same only the word changed to fit the occasion. But he is true about theses bloody camping fart arsses all day and no one else on the road…that we care about.
FFS the SA speed is 110 I have business and timetables to attend to get off and drive at fuckin night time.

This week 4 caravans farting along @75 KPH nose to tail youd think they were fuckin each other they were so close, well I put a stop to that…pull up beside the first (4th in line) blast with 3 sets air horns then forced my way in between him and wanker in front, just kept seeing how close I could get to his front end. then onto next 2 vans did the same then announced over the UHF they better change their direction cause we deal with idiots like them a little diffeent… shark bait is always needed. Jeez they get the blood boiling.

We got stuck behind a ‘convoy’ of them on the way to Cooma, fortunately they went up the coast road when we turned left but we got stuck behind a long wide load with a pilot about 60km from Cooma and had to follow it at 50kph all the way.
We stopped at Cooma for the night and thought we would be right the next day but picked up the same load again about 30km out, this bastard and his crew also spent the night at Cooma somewhere.

@tonto said in Old Farts in Caravan Parks by John Williamson:

FFS the SA speed is 110

When are you blokes going to learn to get up earlier if you need to be somewhere quicker?

110 is the LIMIT, ie the MAXIMUM speed allowed, neither a suggestion nor compulsory.

However ANYONE who travels too close to allow me to fit in, needs a bazooka up their tailpipe!

Years ago I encountered a huge army convoy returning from up north after cyclone Larry. “Oh fuck no”, I thought, but it turned out they stopped regularly to let everyone past. No major delays caused by them at all. Bu just one caravan, in fact, every caravan…:angry:

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Speaking of Caravan Parks - spare a thought for our own @JMick with his gear taking up space in the caravan park in Clermont while he is waited on hands and foot in the… hospital!

(Nothing broken, just very sore after a high speed off on the dirt!)

Bugger, when did that happen?


Yesterday, left mt Coolon heading to Clermont. About half an hour in the surface changed fron hard pack clay with gravel embedded to deep, loose gravel. Lapse in concentration, skimmed the gravel with the left side of the tyre @ 80kmh which then dragged me into a tank slapping fishtail and thence into a right hand low side which saw me and the bike slide about 20m along the road.

Right knee and ankle in considerable pain and had to force myself to stand up and then lift the bike up while the adrenaline was in my system. It was blazingly hot with no shade and no traffic. Then rode about 30kms of loose gravel at 50kmh max with the handlebars skew whiff. Took some panadol and rode for a few more hours till I got to Clermont.

Set up camp and then got checked out in hospital, felt ok so opted not to stay.
. Went back to camp and had dinner etc and then the pain got quite bad and continued to increase despite taking serious pain meds. Spent the night in hospital bombed out and then checked out this am. Insurance company is getting bike to Rocky for (hopefully speedy) repairs.


Bugger. I sent you a text, have you changed phone number?

Are you still in Clermont @JMick, or going to Rocky to supervise the bike?

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