Big seed pods

I’ve collected some of these to make some more seedlings to plant.
These are some of the biggest rainforest seed pods in our area.
These 2 trees grow beside each other on the side of our road about 1.5Kms from our place.

0_1511958312040_Bull Oak (Large).jpg

Cardwellia sublimis
Northern Silky Oak; Oak, Bull; Silky Oak; Oak, Silky; Oak; Lacewood; Bull Oak; Oak, Northern Silky

0_1511958348429_Silver Ash (Large).jpg

Flindersia bourjotiana
Ash, Northern Silver; Northern Silver Ash; White Ash; Silver Ash; Queensland Silver Ash; Ash, Queensland Silver; Ash; Ash, White; Ash, Silver


My you have big pods.

Very nice. I’ll have some of the timber when the trees are full grown, thanks. Love silver ash.

@shy-ted said in Big seed pods:

Love silver ash.

I have a 2x4 about 8’ long in the shed somewhere if you’d like to come & get it.

@cliff-rogers said in Big seed pods:

I have a 2x4 about 8’ long in the shed somewhere if you’d like to come & get it.

I’d love to, Cliff, but you should hang onto it to make pens.

Fuck’n big pen…

It was actually bought as Silver Quandong to make canoe paddles & I found out it was Silver Ash when we started to use it, it is heavier than Silver Quandong.
We made one paddle from it, it feels more like a weapon than a paddle. :blush:

That top left hand seed pod outer of Silky Oak looks remarkably like the south end of a northbound Boar pig.

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And the bottom right one looks like… Homer Simpson’s mouth.

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